T-710K Weatherproof Horn Speaker (Music Horn).

T- 710K is a waterproof horn speaker built in with a 70V/100V transformer. 70V/100V inverter technology reduces line losses over a longer distance and allows easy parallel connection of multiple amplifiers.

Built-in 6″ + 3″ 2-way speaker drivers are designed for a wide frequency response of 90-20 kHz, and multiple power taps 12.5W, 25W and 50W are useful for different applications that vary from room size and ambient noise.

  • Built-in 100V/70V Transformer.

  • Trumpet type waterproof loudspeaker.

  • Wide frequency response range suitable for music and relay Much longer scattering distance.

  • 6″+3″ two way speaker unit IP6 waterproof level.

  • Power taps 12.5W-25W-50W at 100V ABS enclosure and metal bracket.

Model T-710K
Power Taps @100V Red : 12.5W,  Green: 25W, White: 50W
Power Taps @70V Red : 6.25W,  Green: 12.5W, White: 25W
Impedance Black: Com  800Ω  400Ω  200Ω
SPL(1W/1M) 99dB±3dB
Frequency Response (-10dB) 90-20KHz
Finish Baffle: ABS
Speaker Driver 6″ x 1     3″ x 1
IP Rate IP66
Dimensions 360 x 255 x 315mm
Weight 4Kg
Mounting With mounting bracket fixed by screw


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