Tayam SA-9121S CDT radio amplifier.

  • Rated Power (RMS): 120W
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-15kHz
  • Harmonic Distortion (THD): Less than 2%
  • Signal to noise ratio: greater than 80dB
  • Input Impedance:  Mic 600Ω; Aux1220KΩ; Aux210KΩ
  • Outputs: 4, 8, 16 Ω, 70V, 100V
  • AC power supply: 220-240V
  • DC power supply: 24V
  • Dimensions (mm): 450x150x330
  • SA-9121S CDT is designed mainly to work in radio systems.
  • It is equipped with both a CD player and an FM / AM radio with two separate antennas.
  • There are  4 balanced XLR microphone inputs on the rear panel
  • Additionally, the priority input MIC1  is also placed on the front panel, in the form of a  6.3mm JACK connector .
  • The amplifier also has  2 AUX  stereo RCA inputs for connecting external devices such as telephone, computer, etc.
  • The AM / FM module is equipped with its own display and memory of saved radio stations.
  • In addition to separate controls for each input channel, the amplifier is also equipped with a master volume control and a  two-point tone equalizer .
  • Thanks to the  24V DC emergency power input , the amplifier can work even in the event of a 230V mains power failure.
  • The set includes an integrated AM antenna and an attached telescopic antenna for receiving FM stations.
  • The offered amplifier comes from our store display.
  • It is  tested and fully functional, but it may have small scratches.
  • The item is shipped in a replacement package.
  • The exact condition is shown in the pictures.
  • It has  a 3-month startup warranty.


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