T-8S02 Mixer Pre- Amplifier (8 Inputs & 2 Outputs).

* Standard machine cabinet type 1 U height design, black aluminum oxide draw bench panel.

* With 8 inputs interface which can be converted independently, adopting European style terminals.

* Double bus design with main channel/ aux channel output selector.

* One independent Aux input interface, adopt European style terminals.

* Multi-channel audio sources mixed into public output directly, adopt balanced input and output.

* With line and mic selector switch for each channel, output to AUX connector.

* Each input channel with gain adjustment, input with low cut filter.

* Each channel with independent control knob input level.

* With phantom power switch, power supplied to condenser microphone.

* Knob is independently controlled in main output and auxiliary output.

* Main output is equipped with voltage limit which is with by-pass switch, threshold value and ratio value and can be controlled.

* With LED output indicator on panel, and with earphone output function.

Model T-8S02
Input Sensitivity/Impedance
1-8MIC/ Line ±0.25mV/5KΩ balanced, ±7.75V/5KΩ balanced
AUX1 RCA In ±0.775V/20KΩ unbalanced
Output Level/Impedance
Master 1, -2 +4 dBμ/440Ω balance (MAX:±7.75V)
Main Output MIC Pad -50 dB
Low Cut 18 dB/octave at 100 Hz
Frequency Response
Less Than -1dB (20Hz~20KHz)
S/N Ratio
MIC > 60dB
Line > 75dB
MIC < 0.05%
Line > 0.03%
MIC > 60dB
Line > 75dB
Threshold Adj. Range -20 dB ~ +20 dB
Ratio Adj. Range 0 ~ 100%
LED Bar Graph -18, -12, -6, -3, 0, +3, +6, +12VU   (0 VU = +4 dB) Average or Peak reading
Power Consumption Power 20W
Power Supply ~110V-230V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 482 x 159 x 44mm
Weight 3.9K


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