Subwoofer PA2316.

1. With 485 communication interface, support broadcast host control;
2. 16 independent partition selection switches, the partitions can be switched at will, without mutual interference.
3. With 6 power signal inputs,

4. Among them, 4 channels are background music programs, and 2 channels are emergency. priority programs; the partition working status is displayed by indicator lights,

5. Green light is background music program, red light is emergency priority.
6. The partition is divided into 4 groups of management, A group manages 1-4 areas, B group manages 5-8 areas, C group manages 9-13 areas, and D group manages
7. 14-16 zones, the maximum output power of each group is 2000W, and the maximum output power of each zone is 600W;
8. Support short circuit trigger to open the whole area function;
9. The equipment adopts double relays and double-cut control circuit at the same time, and the channel isolation is ≥80dB, which can solve the mutual
10. Problems such as crosstalk;
11. 2U standard chassis design, aluminum alloy panel, beautiful and practical;
12. Emergency short circuit input



Input channel


output channel


control mode

automatic, manual

Online mode

485 bus


50 W

power input



485 * 390 * 90 mm


7.5 kg


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