T-40AP Desktop Mixer Amplifie.

Wall or tabletop mount designs are available. Mic1 input with 1/4″ phone jack, Aux1 input via dual RCA, and phone input via Phoenix connector. Microphone with Vox Priority and Telephone Input with Secondary.

Inputs over all other inputs. 100V amplifier outputs 4-16 ohms. 120V or 230V AC to 12V DC power inverter for power supply. Mic1, Aux1, phone volume control, bass/treble tone control. Wall mounting bracket is available.

  • Professional desktop speaker, built-in preamplifier. Provide regional power amplifier for PA system, suitable for large, medium and small venues Product Features. standard desktop.
  • (1U and 1.5U), humanized design, exquisite technology, high quality. With 2 MIC inputs (board MIC input before back panel MIC input) two AUX inputs and one TEL input. 3 priority.

  • MIC input before back panel MIC input) Two AUX inputs and one TEL input. 3 priority Between channels: TEL > MIC1 > AUX. With master volume control for MIC, TE and AUX channels, bass/treble tone control, high temperature, short circuit and overload protection. two powers.

  • Output method: 100V, 70V, 4-16 ohms.

  • * DC 24V.


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