amplifier PA-2302.

Functional Description
1. 5 channel MIC inputs; 3 channel AUX inputs; 2 channel EMC inputs; 2 channel LINE outputs.

2. Independent volume control for MIC and AUX, master volume control.

3. Treble and bass tone control.

4. EMC and MIC 1 top priority.

Model PA-2302

Mic 1~5: 600Ω,Unbalanced 18MV, AUX1~3: 10KΩ,200MV,Unbalanced

Control Channel 600Ω 1V
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz
S/N Mic input:65dB  Aux Input: 85dB
Tone Bass: ±10dB  AT 100Hz   Tebele: ±10dB AT 100Hz
Power Consumption 18W
Power Input AC 220-240v /50-60Hz
Dimensions 485*415*88mm
Weight 6.5KG


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