SM612 Conference microphone.

SM612C/SM612D conference microphone, SINGDEN research and development of professional conference microphone, and its unique digital processing and transmission technology, excellent sound performance, high reliability, advanced digital technology and audio technology help to combine for a variety of meeting occasions fully,SM612C/SM612D unique ability to process high sound pressure conference microphone audio line has the full-balanced design and unique masking techniques, anti-cell phone RF interference.

  • Pluggable gooseneck microphone with light ring
  • High sensitivity, effective pick-up range up to 50CM
  • Support multiple Chairman and vice-chairman at same time
  • Speech patterns and apply itself is optional, common mode
  • Not any impact on sound quality under long distance transmission
  • Increased reliability with “Closed Loop – Daisy Chain” connection topology
  • System unit support hot plug function
  • Highly resistant to mobile phone interference
  • Chairman unit can override all the active delegate units and approve or reject delegates who request to speak


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