SS102S microphone base has anti-shocking design; the zinc construction enable the microphone has a stable stand. It is make of all-metal; the surface adopts metal painting technology ensure high quality and durable; sponge pads on the bottom maximum separation all vibrations above; standard XLR connector widely use in conference , speech, teaching and other situation

Attenuation type mute switch, enable to control the pickup condition;
Particular two-tone indicator light design, RED means MUTE, GREEN means speaking
48V phantom power

Technical Specification:

Phantom power 48VDC, power consumption 3 mA model
Output impedance 200 ohms(&cjiamn;20Ohm)
Insertion loss 1 dB (200 ohms input impedance)
Mute Attenuation 55 dB on 1000Hz
35 dB on 100Hz
30 dB on 50Hz
(200 ohms input impedance)
Microphone base equipped XLRF, XLRM socket, switch with LED indicator light


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