Discussion, camera tracking and voting functionsYC834.

teleconferencing system

  • Discussion, camera tracking and voting functions.

  • Built-in loudspeaker.

  • The keyboard control computer can bring about automatic video tracking function.

  • It has an LCD display menu. Control the meeting function using the function key.

  • The position of the chairman of the board of directors.

  • Match with 2.1M connectio.
  • With two microphone input design (adding the lapel microphone hu
  • Inside work with DC24V power by Main machine, its safety for users.
  • Loudspeaker with auto mute, earphone jack and.
  • Chairman unit with priority speaking, can off each representative speaking unit.
  • Chairman can shut down all delegates, and chairmen do not be limited by main mac
  • Unit-direction condenser microphone: goose neck microphone with red ring indicator


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