Network video conferencing system.

  • Conference microphone unit enables discussion and automatic video tracking function; Microphone with built-in speakerphone, headphone jack and volume control switch, participants can use the built-in speakers or headphones to listen to the conference speakers and the volume can be adjusted; Any microphone from 1-6 can be opened except for the Chairman and VIP.
  • SINGDEN SM500 is a new concept conference microphone, adopted with 10.1 inch HD screen, not only the traditional microphone for discussion and video tracking, but also can display a variety of video, image and text information from the local or remote system.

  • The SINGDEN SM500 microphone can fit any conference conditions, and the conference room design also does not need to take away the position of the projector, ensuring that the conference room design is more simple.

  • SINGDEN SM500 microphone is especially suitable for large meeting places, participants can be directly viewed through the microphone screen, no need to view from far projection, ensure participants see clearer, and everyone can better participate in the meeting


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