Excellent Audio Clarity
  • Crystal-clear audio everywhere within an operating range of 20 meters
  • Better audio acoustics protects lecturers from hoarse voice
  • Clearer audio facilitates learning efficiency by helping students stay focused
Integrated design, supporting flexible expansion
  • Software and hardware integration, modular design, plug-in structure, supporting seamless expansion of other modules
  • With OPS PC slot, expandable with OPS computer
  • Courseware can be displayed through OPS computer or notebook computer
  • Based on its intelligent operating system, expand and upgrade diverse teaching applications
Remote intelligent control
  • It supports display systems such as touchscreen LED display, projection curtain / whiteboard, etc., can control their switch and lifting, support centralized monitoring and management of various electrical equipment, and support energy consumption monitoring and data acquisition
Intelligent wireless IOT
  • The system features real-time acquisition of classroom temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other data, and can automatically turn on the air conditioner according to the preset, and adjust the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration; it can automatically turn on the light, open and close the curtain, provide natural light source to create a comfortable teaching environment.


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