Hongtai HT-110B-6 home alarm infrared warehouse villa phone anti-theft device shop anti-theft device.

HT-110B-6 (B version) fixed-point telephone network anti-theft alarm system, absorbs the current advanced technology in the field of security, adopts the original chip and microcomputer chip technology imported from the United States, has a high degree of intelligence, good reliability and strong anti-interference ability. The system consists of an alarm host, no (with) line infrared detector, no (with) line door sensor, wireless remote control, etc. It can also be equipped with other function detection sensors, which is suitable for home and commercial security technology protection. It can be used by a single family or connected with the widely used Andingbao (Contact ID communication format) alarm center station to form a set of advanced all-round scientific and technological security protection network.

●Eight wireless zones, compatible with 2 wired zones. Emergency and silent defense zones can be set. Comes with a programming keyboard, which can store 1-6 groups of 26-digit telephone and mobile phone numbers. Dial times can be set for user convenience.
●Have the function of shouting: remote calling the alarm host through the telephone, effectively deterring the thieves.
●The wired zone interface can be turned on or off.
●With self-checking function: regularly check the information such as offline and undervoltage of the detector, and transmit the information to the alarm central station. (It must be used with detectors with low-voltage display function, such as HT-8080-6E).
●Wireless detectors, door magnets, remote controls and the host are automatically paired, making it easy and fast to add.
●The host can be remotely operated through the remote phone password: remote arming, stay arming, disarming, monitoring, and shouting.
●Able to arm/disarm through the keyboard password.
●Self-recording the alarm voice, the recording effect can be played back, and the alarm voice can be played to the alarm receiver when an alarm occurs. After that, the host will automatically switch to remote remote operation. It is beneficial for the police to grasp the situation at the scene and respond in time.
●Anti-shearing alarm for the outside telephone line: Once the outside telephone line is cut or short-circuited, the unit will sound an alarm sound immediately, indicating that the line is faulty (it must be set through the telephone line detection switch).
●It has the function of intelligent detection of wired defense zone faults. If the wired defense zone fails or is always in the alarm (open circuit) state, the host will not be able to operate and enter the arming. Only after the wired port fault is eliminated or the wired port is directly set to close, the host can be operated to arm.
● Arm 1 (going out to arm) and arm 2 (stay arming) two arming methods, which are convenient for the left-behind personnel (the owner is at home or on duty) to choose between arming/disarming.
●Control the “arm”, “disarm” and “emergency alarm” of the host through the wireless remote control.
●With priority alarm function: when the phone line is busy, grab the line and dial the alarm call.
●Freely set entry delay and exit delay time.
●Purchase micro-power wireless infrared detectors and wireless door sensors to realize all-round monitoring and alarming. Signal digital coding, non-interference, serial connection.
●With an external siren interface, the volume can be adjusted in two gears, and the sound and mute switch can be used to select whether the host will emit an alarm sound when an alarm is issued.
●It has a standard interface of wired intrusion detector, which can be matched with wired infrared detectors and sensors.
●With arming output interface (optional): It can be connected to the arming and disarming instruction information (such as warning signs, etc.), which is convenient for the on-duty personnel to understand the user’s arming/disarming situation. (This interface can be used to arm/disarm the voice radio)
●The factory settings can be restored.
●AC-DC dual-purpose power supply: buy built-in high-efficiency backup battery, usually trickle charge, automatic switching when AC power failure, to ensure the normal operation of the system. Battery discharge limit protection, prolong battery life.


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