HCS-5100MA / 04N
4 CHs digital infrared transmitter.

  • Compliant to IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914
  • Compatible with any other IR simultaneous interpretation system compliant to IEC 61603-7
  • DQPSK digital modulation/demodulation technology
  • Capable of distributing a maximum of 4 audio channels
  • Conference hall privacy; the congress venue itself acts as
  • a barrier to infrared signals escaping and being overheard, as infrared is unable to pass through opaque objects such as walls
  • Suitable for various kinds  (small/medium/large international) of conference halls and outdoor venues
  • Transmitting in 2~8 MHz frequency band eliminates disturbance from high frequency lighting systems
  • Each audio channel can be assigned a language name for easy identification.
  • Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes:


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