Airports and Hotels System.

* The T-8000A remote controller is connected to the T-8000 by the global industry CAT 5 standard for area advertising or remote communication and various The location of the control center.

* Each console provides four RJ45 ports for the remote control.

* CAT 5 wiring features not only convenient and cost-effective layout, but also integration of RS 485 communication and voice transmission together.

* Auxiliary power supply DC 24V

* Eight zone selector with status indication.

* Speak and all area Swift keys are provided.

* 2 and 4 tones chime with the on and off selector switch.

* Volume controls for buzzer and microphone are provided.

* Full indicators include individual zone, each zone, occupied, paging, power, output level to be provided Immediate visualization.

T8000A remote control unit
Amplifier T-4240DS.
T-6221 CD-MP3 Player


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