Microphone T-621A (Built-in chime).

• ITC Electric Condenser Microphone System is suitable to work with T series mixer amplifier for relay and advertising application.

• The tonal reminder system will help capture the audience’s attention before speaking, while the clear sound system of the little distorted trump will bring you great convenience.

  1.  High Sensitivity Electrostatic Condenser Microphone Solution .
  2. XLR connector and femal phone plug .
  3. Power on switch Removable gooseneck microphone .
  4. Service red ring indicator .
  5. Push to talk switch .
  6. Built-in chime .
  7. Gray finish and ABS base .
  8. High sensitivity to transmit clear sound.
Model T-621A
Freq Response 50Hz-12000Hz
Impedance 600Ω
Sensitivity -63dB
Dimensions 125x150x455mm
Weight 1.3Kg
Power One 9V battery and power adapter


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