TAIDEN introduced its worldwide pioneering digital infrared technology into the field of multimedia teaching and released the world’s first digital infrared wireless classroom audio system. The system provides an ideal solution for teaching environment owing to its various advanced features such as great immunity to interferences, reliable privacy assurance, convenient management and excellent audio clarity.

Specially designed for everyday high quality class recording
·         Digital infrared wireless microphone for the teacher

·         Built-in array microphone for 360-degree pickup of students’ sound in a radius of 5 to 8 meters

·         Optimal recovery of student voice with “3A” algorithm by high-performance DSP:
automatic noise canceller (ANC), acoustic echo canceller (AEC) and automatic gain control (AGC)

·         Adjustable mixing ratio for optimal sound balance between the teacher and students

High quality class audio reproduction
·         Dedicated sound pickup channel of broadcast level audio quality for the teacher

·         SNR >85 dBA

·         Audio ducking ensures the priority of IR microphone input over the array microphone input

Zero RF radiation, green and healthy
·         No radio frequency radiation

·         Free from harmful health effects

·         Great immunity to interferences

Visual indication of sound direction
·         12-segment light indicator

·         Accurate sound direction indication

Highly integrated, space saving
·         Great combination of array microphone with IR microphone

·         Quick, easy and neat setup

·         Compatible with any third party broadcasting system


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